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Base Gym

Used by the sports teams such as the Brisbane Broncos

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Our custom designed gym is fully equipped with professional fitness gear, ideal for those interested in general fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing and there is plenty of room for stretching, yoga, and mobility work.

Used by the sports teams such as the Brisbane Broncos and Featured on the TV show 'The Great Day Out'.

The gym is an outdoor venue with plenty of shade and a nice breeze. We have a state of the art water mister for those really sweaty workouts and you may even spot kangaroos or other wildlife while working out at The Base Gym. Perfect for CrossFit events, boot camps, and sports team looking to train at a private venue - Located at Xperiences HQ at 270 Ocean Drive Twin Waters you really have to come see it for yourself! 

  • Tonnes of free weights, bumper plates, kettlebells, and rigs. 

  • Atlas stones.

  • Rings.

  • Plyo boxes in different heights.

  • Weighted sled.

  • Sledgehammers and tires.

  • An amazing rock climbing wall

  • Lots of cargo nets and tubes.

  • Relaxing zone to watch people working out in the gym. 

  • We can organise a professional certified coach or simply bring your own!

Corp Bootcamps

Team spirit, fitness, and focus are being put to the test during our dynamic Corporate Team building Bootcamps. Utilizing our Base Gym, obstacles, scenarios, and the outdoors. ​We have multiple approaches to our boot camps depending on the demographics of your group and what you want to achieve.

The boot camps we provide are designed to increase teamwork, willpower, and building a mentality of leaving no man or woman behind. Combine it with other activities or add it on as early morning activity before a conference.

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

This package is designed for top-level sports teams. Our sports specific program will take teams through obstacle courses, commando workouts, and fun team building activities such as raft building, cargo net challenges, team fitness such as rock climbing, fire making relays, high ropes, and more.


Our fully equipped on-site functional fitness center has all the necessities including, atlas stones, tonnes of weights, kettlebells, and even kangaroos. 

All done in the great outdoors. 

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Outcome Based

If fun is what you want, that is what you will get. If you are seeking a harder challenge with specific goals and intent, we can do that to - simply speak with your account manager to see the magic happen!

Themed Xperiences

We can create unique survivor challenges designed to meet your outcomes while immersing your team in total realism for the most effective bonding challenge you could imagine!

We Are Mobile

Most of our Xperiences are fully mobile. From Gelblasting parties to archery or movie nights, let us work with you to create something incredible right in your backyard!

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