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Conference Ice Breakers

We have created some amazing Xperiences for our larger groups! With over 20 different activities and the ability to create mobile stations, allow us to make the ultimate team building day or weekend for your group. From downed planes, smoke machines and many other specialised equipment and locations, expect the unexpected with the team from Xperiences!

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Outcome Based

If fun is what you want, that is what you will get. If you are seeking a harder challenge with specific goals and intent, we can do that to - simply speak with your account manager to see the magic happen!

Themed Xperiences

We can create unique survivor challenges designed to meet your outcomes while immersing your team in total realism for the most effective bonding challenge you could imagine!

We Are Mobile

Most of our Xperiences are fully mobile. From Gelblasting parties to archery or movie nights, let us work with you to create something incredible right in your backyard!

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