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Outdoor Movie Nights

Our Xperiences Movie nights are one of a kind by bringing the movie Xperience to life through our interactive activities, live role-playing, and outdoor cinema. 

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We love our outdoor movie nights, whether it's for a school group, corporate gig, movie marathon, or just a private event like a birthday party. 

At Xperiences, we have three outdoor movie night screens that can cater for any group size, whether its 10 or a group of 300. Our sound systems are capable of playing out loud to a football-sized field. All you need to do is choose your favourite movie and we will sort the rest. 

It becomes a memorable evening when we can set a theme for the evening based on the movie and get everyone dressed up into character, then set everyone up to play a themed based activity before the movie screening! We then have the fire pit roaring and food made ready for your outdoor movie screening.

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Key Points

Group size: Min 6 - 300 people

Duration: Up to 3 hours unless catering for a movie marathon. 

Costs: Call 0408-614-699 for a quote or email

Location: Xpriences HQ Sunshine Coast or we can come to you! 


Outcome Based

If fun is what you want, that is what you will get. If you are seeking a harder challenge with specific goals and intent, we can do that to - simply speak with your account manager to see the magic happen!

Themed Xperiences

We can create unique survivor challenges designed to meet your outcomes while immersing your team in total realism for the most effective bonding challenge you could imagine!

We Are Mobile

Most of our Xperiences are fully mobile. From Gelblasting parties to archery or movie nights, let us work with you to create something incredible right in your backyard!

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Check out our Portfolio

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