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Pillars of Wisdom

A great way to get your teams active both physically and mentally!

This activity is a great addition to any corporate team building day, kid's party or together with a group of mates as a leisure activity.

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Based around the 50 hectares of bushland, Xperiences have placed the 12 Pillars of Wisdom. These pillars are 350kg Sandstone Plinths marked both by GPS and a physical map.

Teams have to find these pillars to unlock their secrets! These can be as basic as finding them all and clicking with an orientation marker or more complex such as using the Code Breaker system to unlock clues to their next challenge/product/history or conference theme.

Key Points

Group size: 4 - 300 people

Duration: 30mins - 1 hrs depending on desired outcomes and needs.

Location: Xperiences HQ 

​The 12 Pillars can be customised with 12 questions provided by your company that teams are required to answer for bonus points.

Key Outcomes

  1. Collaboration & Navigation

  2. Improves teams ability to work together to find pillars

  3. Shows teams how to think effectively when under physically demanding tasks

  4. Respecting and understanding each other

  5. Harnessing strategies as a team to save time

  6. Improving decision making

  7. Communicating effectively

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Outcome Based

If fun is what you want, that is what you will get. If you are seeking a harder challenge with specific goals and intent, we can do that to - simply speak with your account manager to see the magic happen!

Themed Xperiences

We can create unique survivor challenges designed to meet your outcomes while immersing your team in total realism for the most effective bonding challenge you could imagine!

We Are Mobile

Most of our Xperiences are fully mobile. From Gelblasting parties to archery or movie nights, let us work with you to create something incredible right in your backyard!

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